B.Voc Travel And Tourism

B.Voc Travel And Tourism

B.Voc. Travel and Tourism is a vocational training program. B.Voc. stands for Bachelor of Vocation. The main aim of this program is to make students industry-ready. The program has been crafted in such a way that it imparts industry-specific skills in students.

B.Voc. (Tourism) is a bachelor-level Travel and Tourism course. The duration of this course is 3 years and its syllabus is divided into 6 semesters it is provided on a part-time basis by various institutes. It includes a study of tourism development, tourism marketing, the transportation industry, hotel management, tourism management, etc. It is important and valuable in today’s time as tourism has become the hub of economic development of every country. This course covers all the topics such as food service management, environment and tourism, intercultural communication, tourist resort planning, ecology, etc. It is career-orienting in nature and provides job opportunities for successful graduate candidates in various fields.

The students will get hands-on experience and training by taking up more internships both in Travel and Tourism associated companies.




The minimum educational qualification required is – completed 12th (Arts, Commerce or Science) from a recognized board.


The academic program is 3 years long. It has various exit options too (Diploma after 1st year, Advanced Diploma after 2 years, and Bachelor’s Degree after 3 years).

Career Opportunities

  1. Lobby Manager
  2. Transport Officer
  3. Operations Executive
  4. Tour Management Executive
  5. Reservations Executive
  6. Tourist Guide
  7. Information Assistant
  8. Travel Agent
  9. Sales Manager
  10. Tour Operation Manager
  11. Visa Executive
  12. Tourism Department Employee
  13. Counter Assistant
  14. Airline Staff
  15. Cabin Crew
  16. Front Office Manager
  17. Trainee Travel Consultant
  18. Counter Clerk
  19. Ticketing Assistant
  20. Front Office Executive
  21. Travel Executive
  22. Immigration Consultant
  23. Tour Operator