During the last one years of its existence, the College has made tremendous strides in all fields and is consistently looking forward to greater achievements in the years to come with “excellence” as its motto. 


Many students, who have already passed out of the portals of Trinity Institute of Management & Technology ( TIMT ) have found their feet in various sectors of society, not only on account of their academic qualifications but also on their human qualifications. This is a testimony to the perennial spiritual and human values Trinity Institute of Management & Technology ( TIMT ) tries to inculcate in its students along with all the modern information it imparts.  


This reputation of the college is drawing hundreds of students to seek admission in this temple of higher learning ensconced in Choggiti. The college is steadily marching in the direction of being one of the most sought-after institutions of higher learning in and around Punjab. 


The focus on English communication skills development is taking the college to the zenith of excellence. The Finishing School Programme is giving the students a competitive edge for placement in the Industrial and Service Sector. However, 


The thrust on spiritual/human values is the hallmark of Trinity Institute of Management & Technology (TIMT). This, I believe, will make a better society for all of us to live in. I wish the college God’s abundant blessings and I pray that its service to the society in the area of higher education may continue to flourish as the years go by.


                                                                        Patron of the college and Bishop of Jalandhar.