Mar 29

5 Top Apparel Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

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5 Top Apparel Industry Trends to Watch in 2023 With the introduction of new technology, shifting customer preferences, and the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects, the garment business has experienced considerable transformation in recent years. As organizations handle an uncertain economic environment and a shifting market landscape, the garment sector will face unique challenges and opportunities in […]

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Mar 18

Make Career Prospects in Hospitality and Tourism Sector

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Make Career Prospects in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector Hospitality and Tourism: There is a whole other world to it than meets the eye. The travel industry and accommodation industry is an umbrella covering an ocean of fun and drawing in vocations, from being a food and refreshment administrator on a very good quality journey […]

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Feb 15

Learning through virtual laboratories

Learning is no more restricted to physical presence in laboratories, in the present era of digitization now it is possible to learn from remote areas where the possibility of learning by physical presence is difficult. We can say that in post corona era digital bloom makes it easy to access knowledge and learn things or […]

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May 26

5G Technology Influences Online Education

5G Technology: Consider a world without wires or connections, where virtual reality is regularly available. The educational environment has rushed into digitization in the post-COVID-19 age. Virtual learning has become common in most classrooms, necessitating video conferencing and other devices, but it has not been without technological challenges. In certain regions of the world, lack […]

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May 21

Nutritional Requirements in Summer Season

In the summer season each and every person make sure that he or she include foods in daily diet that which are light and easy digest on stomach. Those foods and drinks must be taken by all which are helpful to protect against dehydration and maintain levels of energy. The person must making a diet […]

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Feb 26

Celiac Food  

Introduction : Celiac, an auto immune disorder is found very commonly in people now days. It is activated by consumption of gluten by a person. It ranges from non-celiac gluten sensitivity to a complete celiac disease. Persons with non-celiac gluten sensitivity experiences similar symptoms that get rectified on withdrawal of gluten from food. However they […]

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Feb 18


A cryptocurrency, also known as crypto, is a digital currency that is protected by encryption. It is a relatively new form of currency that operates in a very unique way than the traditional currency.  The most basic difference is that it is purely virtual money, which means there are no physical currency coins or notes […]

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Jan 06

Beautiful 3 outfits for Christmas

Have you at any point saw that, as we become more established, our affection for Christmas develops? No? All things considered, I have it, and I do it, so here’s one more episode with a Christmas subject, yet this time it’s more direct: what are we going to wear this Christmas? Regardless you do, who […]

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Oct 25

Can IOB be the prolongation of IOT!

Can IOB be the prolongation of IOT! It is found that in last 5 Years, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has doubled. We are using these gadgets in our everyday routine, right from wearable technologies that track your capability 24/7 to remote access to embedded devices present in home or we are […]

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Oct 14

How to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) IN clinical diagnostics?

Medical artificial intelligence (AI) primarily employs computer techniques to make clinical diagnoses and recommend treatments. When compared to sole human expertise, Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive techniques enable auto diagnosis and reduce detection errors. AI-powered software can be trained to detect signs of a specific disease in the medical field. AI can detect lung cancer diseases […]

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