Contagious Diseases

The Contagious diseases are also known as most well known communicable diseases. This is one that is that can be transfer from one person to another through a variety of ways that include firstly contact with blood and bodily fluids, breathing in an airborne virus or by being bitten by an insect(Bee or Fly)

The different ways by which these diseases are layout

These diseases are roll out by so many methods or process:

  1. The first one that is most important when the healthy person when come in contact with infected one.
  • The one when the person comes contact with the contaminated surface or any infected object or thing, such as through physical touch.
  • These kind of diseases can also spread through by air (pollutants) or air droplets. The most common example of this is Tuberculosis and Measles.
  • Insects and animals are also the cause which spread these kinds of infections firstly, then it moves further in the disease phase.

  List of Contagious Diseases which spread worldwide:

With the help of surveillance and investigation efforts following are the contagious or communicable diseases which spread by infected one to healthy one.

  1. Hepatitis A
  2. Hepatitis B
  4.   Flu
  5. Measles
  6. MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
  7. Rabies
  8. 2019-n CoV
  9. Sexually transmitted disease
  10. Ebola
  11. Common cold

The main question was arises how the person protects themselves:

The people must learn these healthy habits to protect themselves from disease and protect from germs and infectious diseases from exposure.

1. Handle the & Prepare the Food by keeping in mind Safety precautions

Food can carry contamination. So the people must wash their hands, utensils, and surfaces often when preparing any kind of food, especially raw meat. Always wash the fruits and vegetables before cooking. After cooking keep foods at proper temperatures. Don’t leave the food out at contaminated place. This is must to refrigerate. So the food cannot be contaminated.

2. Washing hands is also the necessary thing

This will prevent form the any kind of common cold , flu and fever.

3. Cleaning & Disinfectation is most important for used surfaces

Bacteria can live on the surfaces. These should be cleaned with simply soap and water to protect from contamination. However this is also must to disinfect washrooms and kitchen on daily basis.

4. Cough & Sneeze

The person who feels sneezy, he or she must cover their cough and sneeze into their elbow or a handkerchief instead of your hands.

5. Don’t Share Personal Items to anyone

Avoid sharing personal items that can’t be free from contamination, like toothbrushes and razors, or sharing towels between washes. Needles should never be shared to anyone and should only be used once, and then discard away properly.

6.  Vaccination

The every person who survives in the world must go through immunization process. They must be vaccinated to cure for such kind of diseases.

7. Stay Home When Sick

If any person infected or ill, they must have own responsibility to avoid for going outside and meet with the people.


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