Covid-19: Hidden Terrorist

Can you believe that Millions of people can die without any physical weapon or without war among nations, the answer is “Biological Bomb like Covid-19” which has killed more than One Millions of People worldwide and which is not seeable with naked eyes. Imagine you cannot see your enemy, you are living on his mercy on this planet, it can kill any time you and will certainly give you painful death, and no one shall accompany or see you when you will be buried.

It has happened with millions of people around the world especially in Italy and America where the health system is not questionable and susceptible.

Hence fighting with an unseen enemy like covid-19

is one of the biggest challenges for the developed as well as underdeveloped economies. The day when covid-19 knocked on the doors of the nation’s people started scaring from one and another, avoiding nearer and dearer.

The infected people started wondering like human bombs who themselves do not know that they are loading with tons of hidden weapons inside their bodies which can kill the entire world.

Although the world health organization, scientists claimed that they have invented the medicine to cure this pandemic but the fact we know that still, they are far away from the conclusion.

Everybody is praying and gazing the creator of this world miserably for the miracle if could and the anti-dot for covid-19 would be made.

The next question arises if this virus is manmade, then why some countries motivate this kind of research, should not such experiment be banned or the tough action should be taken against such practices.

We need to take strict action against such wrongdoing

research to save our children and our beloved otherwise everything will be finished in front of us and we will be helpless and the coming generation would not have respect, love, and affection for us rather they would recall us as their biggest enemies.

Dr. Sunil Kumar
TIMT, Jalandhar.


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