Cycling Trend During Covid 19 era

Covid 19: Some time ago, Emily Rookwood wrote Why So Many CEOs Are Taking Up Cycling (2014. Spear´s Magazine). The article talked about the important shift in the people who are cycling. Today, in an amateur race you can find entrepreneurs, CFOs, CEOs, MDs, etc. Even the Prime Minister of India was driving a cycle, a clear example of what is a social symbol in our societies.

Cycling is the new golf, sport that enhances business communication and networking, and executives are driving expensive bikes and clothes, status symbols that replace traditional ones. Even luxury watchmakers are seing how their customers are wearing Garmin or Suunto watches. Moreover, we can see the craze of driving cycle in Bollywood stars.

Cycling is a popular, accessible sport and over the last decade many niche players have changed the way cyclist are wearing in relation to its design but also in regards their willingness-to-pay. Many niche brands are positioned in the higher segment of the fashion pyramid, selling exclusive, fashionable garments and not only for road but urban cycling. Like in other categories or fashion brands, the more “fissionability” and “sell-fulfillment” or social inclusion the customer is looking at, the more elitist are brands or sub-brands.

In 2020, the world was impacted by a new threat, the first global one after WWII: Covid-19. During the lockdown, India banned outdoor exercise. When lockdown ended, cycling booming emerged, but not only in India but in many countries in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

COVID 19 causes ‘bike explosion’

Coronavirus (Covid 19): ‘Your new bike won’t be in stock until 2021’ – the cycle search frenzy (June 2020. BBC News)

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Bicycle Sales Surge With Americans Eager to Get Moving Again. Bike shops report growth of 30% to 300%. Even unpopular colors like orange and turquoise get sold. (May 2020. Bloomberg)

During Corona virus period, sales are booming at every customer segment but depending on the business model, brands are even putting discounts on hold during the sales period that is starting. Sportswear fashion pyramid responds to the same criteria of luxury fashion. There are many positioning levers starting from functional attributes (e.g. elasticity, breathability) to intangible or apparitional ones (elegance, status).

Pas Normal Studio Cycling Booming Corona virus

Pas Normal Studios – Stories

Casual and sportswear categories and brands are seeing sales rise due to Covid 19, while gyms and offices remain closed or people are scared to step in. Are we living the Apocalypse of suit and tie? Gym-goers are discovering outdoor exercise and are investing in new materials or updating their closet. Maybe it´s not just a consequence of Corona, but a trend that has been accelerating in line with sustainability or the experience economy, but also health-consciousness.


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