Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing is the best use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and all other channels to approach consumers. Few marketing experts consider digital marketing is a new way of reaching the customers. Digital marketing is a wide field, including attracting customers via email, content marketing, search platforms, social media, and many more.

Digital marketing professionals possess the skills required to promote a company, brand, or individual online.

With the help of these Digital Marketing Skills, one will be able to maximise your presence on the web, meet your target audiences in a customized manner, generate leads, or convert them as customers in the most result-driven possible way.

Top Digital Marketing Skills

Google Analytics

It is one of the main aspects of digital marketing. It can understand how to link a website to Google Analytics. It’s task to find the customer’s behaviour. Assume, you have a website on apparel. People visit your site many times and catch a glimpse of your products. But they never buy anything. That’s not a good sign at all. Google Analytics is a service for website analytics which helps website owners /admin view data related to their website traffic and activity.

  • Which pages they visit on your website?
  • How long they viewed the page?
  • The browser they’re using
  • If they’re on a desktop or mobile device
  • What site they were on when they clicked over to yours?
  • Which forms the user submitted?
  • How many users are currently on your site?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method used to place a URL or website at the top of a result of search engine. SEO is a method used by business and individuals to optimize the visibility of their websites and their company. Search engines use various keywords and phrases, algorithms, website updates and the clarity of language to rank websites. Your page ranking should be high all time to approach thousands of people. It’s meaningless if your website or blog do no reach people. A Successful SEO means a web page will be more likely to appear higher on a search engine results page . SEO targets traffic which is unpaid  (known as “natural” or “organic” results) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

Search Engine Marketing is types of digital marketing. SEM is known as advertising through a paid media budget. There are two methods to get traffic from search engines. One of the methods is to rank organically and the other method is to pay for ads for particular keywords. SEM often uses PPC (pay-per-click), a bidding model that charges advertisers when someone click on their ad (referred to as cost-per-click, or CPC).

 Email Marketing :

Email marketing is the act of sending the commercial messages to prospective customers using email. Emails are in use for so long and people do open their inboxes. You can get customer traffic through this strategy . Quality content on offers, ads, and campaigns can be marketed, through email, and your business is growing day by day. You should be creative   and know precisely when to target customers and also plans to gain more traffic.

 Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing is the way to promote products to consumers by using smartphones and tablets. Extensive use of mobile gadgets, marketers can reach billions of consumers. Marketers have an option like SMS, in-app advertising, email, via websites or QR codes. They can also access consumer data such as location and demographics. This information can help them to customize their products to suit their preferences. It cuts geographical as well as cultural boundaries. Mobile disrupts the way people engage with brands.

User Experience:

 When a customer feels your website is not good enough, or it takes time to load page, then all your efforts can go in vain. Providing the best user experience by having a responsive website and constant customer support is what helps the customer think you are reliable, they come back again to buy your products. Navigating through pages should be more attractive and appealing for customers to go in awe of your product.

Paid Social Media Advertising Digital Marketing Skill : Along with Social Media Marketing, paid Social Media is a new trend these days that each Digital Marketer needs to be aware of. When you choose organic means, meeting your target audiences will take more time in comparison to a paid advertisement. Therefore, posting engaging and relevant content, and using the right Hashtags, you should master the skills of paid Social Media.

So, Digital Marketing Skills demand knowledge of Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and Snapchat Ads, Instagram Ads, and TikTok Ads sorts of many fruitful practices.

CRM Skills:

Customer Relationship Management is one of the most important Digital Marketing.  CRM revolves around the strategies that can help you in monitoring and maximizing the customer experience. By knowing these skills, you will be able to do customer interactions more engagingly and effectively. you can interact with them on a personal and emotional level that will ultimately optimize the conversion and sales of your business.

CRM skills are essential-

  • For proper understanding existing customers’ needs.

            and loyalty programs.

  • To attract customers.
  • To win new clients and contracts
  • For increasing profit.

 So, these Digital Marketing Skills will allow you to run more successful and conversion-oriented campaigns in order to maximize your company’s sales potential.

Asst Prof. Rupali Walia

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