Lockdown impact on Education

Pros and cons of lockdown affects the Education system

lockdown: COVID-19 has shaken the world to its core this may cause damage to the education system of teaching. Due to lock down a student from school to colleges are also overblown. However, this may fall down the academics in the danger zone. All the education institution has been closed at world level where is temporary close system track down the economic level as well as the educational organizations.

On the other hand, most schools and colleges shown a drastic crash of over 1 billion students worldwide due to the COVID-19 rollout. Although, this pandemic has triggered the most effective change imposing challenges in higher education communities. For online studies questionnaire links using Google form sent to the students through WhatsApp and emails.

Online teaching adopts by thousands of teachers to complete your education to raise the level of the job. This depicts that learning is no longer confined within the four walls of the classroom which defines the process of connecting learners with the remote resources. Moreover, in foreign countries, the easy system has been run for long times which is now followed in undeveloped countries with a good speed. There are many merits and demerits of lockdown on the learning system.

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The dominance of lockdown on Education

To commence with, the advancement of technology’s teaching system also learns more new techniques of teaching through online classes. Additionally, there is multiple application by which education spread it to the student in many ways. There are zoom, Google classroom, google meet, Jio meet and many more application software systems are formed to ease the education level.

  • Nowadays, online learning is very easy and convenient access for attending classes.
  • The system is more flexible because classes can adjust according to the flexibility of timing with both students and teachers
  • The more individual attention that’s why students. likewise, in-classroom teachers show less dedication to a single student. But by the e-learning education techniques platform allows the student to learn at an individual level.
  • Time management and a set schedule are well maintained for examination aspects. Students not only gain an education but also learn the new techniques of examination through a system which is more commonly followed by developed countries.
  • Due to lockdown, children can spend a good time with their families or go for an outing in local places.
  • New online education not only enhances the skill of students regarding new technologies.

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The trend of cloud competing for an increase these days as students aware of application based on cloud competing like Google classroom which provides facilitation for the teacher to save the lecture or notes which in turn helpful for students to attend lectures anytime in a day.

The downside of lockdown on Education

As the technologies developed to raise the system in any field somehow education in the current situation of the lockdown they fully depend on the advanced techniques. Similarly, there are many complications that arise due to these methodologies. Students as well as teachers may face a lot of trouble in conveying education as well as they pass from many health issues.

  • The E-education system may affect a person’s mental health by overusing the system. Many health issues arise due to online studies like stress, anxiety, eyesight problem, etc. is facing by everyone.
  • Many poor students do not have access to laptop and computers and the students are nearby thinking should not be desperate the education.
  • Big fall on the bookselling business due to the online education system.
  • Majority of students and teachers using e-book for their studies.
  • Students also lacking socialism which affects the daily routine of going to schools or colleges.

  • This lock-down education, leads a person to become more lethargic, lacking punctuality, even though the importance of teacher and education would also be reducing.
  • Many students misuse the E-education system for their own benefits.
  • In the Digital age, kids must understand and utilize the technologies around them like early age coding systems.
  • Unemployment also IT point for the teachers due to this many of family is facing from the financial crisis.
  • There is a lack of admitting the number of students in school and colleges due to the lockdown education system. Students drop a year for taking no education somehow, they feel this type of education does not provide proper education. Many educated parents unable to understand these new online education system methods this is the reason students facing problems to convince your parents for their further studies.
  • Maximum Trouble arises in connecting the online classes because of bad network facilities. Not all have the ability to purchase a Wi-Fi system at their home. As the demand for the internet would increase the same way amount of charging these facts would also raise by the various companies.

Mandeep Kaur
Asst. Prof.
Department of Medical Lab Science.
TIMT, Jalandhar.

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