Faculty List TIMT



 Name  Dr. Sunil kumar
 Designation  Principal
 Qualifications  M.com, MBA,PhD
 Experience  21 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Finance & Marketing
 Email dr_sunilkumar@timtjal.com
 Name  Mr. Amandeep Sandhu
 Designation  Assistant Professor & H.O.D (IT Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Tech
 Experience  15 years
 Research/Area of Interest  VLSI, Computer Networks
 Email  amandeepsandhu@timtjal.com
 Name  Mr. Amarjit Singh
 Designation  Assistant Professor (IT Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Tech
 Experience  13 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Data Mining
 Email  amarjit@timtjal.com
 Name  Mr. Lalit Kumar
 Designation  Assistant Professor & H.O.D (MLS Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Sc MLT (Clinical
 Experience  10 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Clinical Biochemistry
 Email  lalit@timtjal.com
 Name  Mrs. Rupali Walia
 Designation  Assistant Professor (IT Dept.)
 Qualifications MCA, M.Phil
 Experience 9 years
 Research/Area of Interest Software Engineering
 Email rupaliwalia@timtjal.com
 Name  Mr. Gurdial Singh Sidhu.
 Designation  Associate / Astt. Professor.
 Qualifications  Ph.D. (Viva awaited), MBA-HM, B.Sc. HMCT (L.E.)
 Experience 9 Years Academic. 4 Years Industrial.
 Research/Area of Interest Food Production and F&B Service.
 Email gurdialsingh@timtjal.com
Name  Ms. Mandeep kaur
 Designation  Assistant Professor (MLS Dept.)
 Qualifications MSc Clinical Microbiology
 Experience 5 years
 Research/Area of Interest Microbiology
 Email mandeepkaur@timtjal.com
 Name  Mr. Amandeep Paul
 Designation  Assistant Professor (MLS Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Sc MLT
 Experience  4 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Biochemistry
 Email  amanpaul@timtjal.com
 Name  Ms. Deepika Sharma
 Designation  Assistant Professor & H.O.D (FD Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Sc FD
 Experience  4 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Textile and Coral
 Email  deepika@timtjal.com
Name Ms. Amandeep
 Designation  Assistant Professor ( MLS Dept.)
 Qualifications MSc, Mphil Microbiology
 Experience 4 years
 Research/Area of Interest Microbiology
 Email amanheer@timtjal.com
 Name  Ms. Neelam
 Designation  Assistant Professor & H.O.D (Travel & Toursim Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Sc ATHM
 Experience  2 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Tourism
 Email  neelam@timtjal.com
 Name  Mr. Jatin Thakur
 Designation  Assistant Professor ( Mgt. Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Com Finance
 Experience   3 Years 6 Months
 Research/Area of Interest  Finance & Management 
 Email  jatin@timtjal.com
 Name Harjot kaur.
 Designation Assistant professor (MLS Department)
 Qualifications M.Sc Biochemistry
 Experience  2 years
 Research/Area of Interest Biochemistry
 Email harjot@timtjal.com
 Name Ms. Meha Kapania
 DesignationAssistant Professor ( Management Department)Ms
 Qualifications MBA (Major-Finance), UGC NET Qualified
 Experience 2 Years
 Research/Area of Interest Finance & Management
 Name  Ms. Sakshi
 Designation  Assistant Professor ( FD Dept.)
 Qualifications  M.Sc Fashion Design
 Experience  1 years
 Research/Area of Interest  Textile
 Email  sakshi@timtjal.com
 Name Ms. Priya
 Designation Assistant Professor ( Hotel Management & catering Technology Department) 
 Qualifications BHMCT (Major- Food production & service)
 Experience 1 years
 Research/Area of Interest Food production and Food & beverage service.
 Email priya@timtjal.com