Impact of e-applications on education

In the era of online learning, e-application is a sort of boon used by all sectors. Most of work is done through this source. In case of education particularly e-application places a vital role mainly focusing on current covid-19 affected period. All kinds of programs are taught/conducted by online using applications such as zoom, google meet google classroom, Microsoft teams and kahoot etc. Prominent features of these sites are accessibility, convenience, less time consuming, availability of audio-video-chat facilities and more than 100 people can join in single meeting. e-learning is the network enable transformation of skills and knowledge. Moreover, these kinds of applications include learning based on computer, web and digital collaborations. Apart from this, content is delivered through internet and audio-video tape.

 The main objective of this process is to assess the impact of learning in all educational institutions via e-apps which would enhance the confidence level of pupils. Nowadays, apps widely used are: –

Zoom is commonly accessible cloud-based video communication app which has features like audio-video conferencing live chat, less network connecting issues, more than 100 people joining in a single scheduling connecting direct in link through configuration ID password, host having authority of muting/unmuting the other attendances, accessible in portable devices such as mobile phones, laptop, tablets etc. Google classroom is product of tech giant google created in 2014 for submitting and checking students’ assignments in the schools as well as colleges. It is a process of sharing files between teachers and students. Teachers can check the progress of every student by reviewing his/her documents,provide grades and give feedback with comments. In this, each teacher can create a separate folder for every student’s regrading classes and their subjects. Here, each progress in confidential and only between teacher and student rather than visible to all.

Microsoft teams is developed by Microsoft-word which is a multitasking app where we can find various features of all app like zoom, google meet, google classroom and kahoot. In other words, it is all in one app. It has features like better video/audio conferencing chat quality, submitting and creating assignments, creating different channels, easy to access, facility of joining of more than 250 individuals, creating quizzes and tests, attendances can chat privately rather than with all, privacy, secrecy, security, maintain students’ attendance record etc.

Favorable impact of e-apps on learning

  • Less time consuming: –This is the main effective feature of online apps where teachers and students manage their lectures freely according to their comfort zone. For instance, two hours ‘lecture can be minimized in 40 minutes which decreases the monotony of being listened and sitting erectly in class.
  • Convenience and flexibility: –Itis another feature of e-app where, resources are available to all from anywhere and anytime. This e-apps can be accessed in all kinds of portable devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets.
  • Audio-video conferencing facility: –Here, host who handle the video/audio lectures can monitor the visibility of the attendees. The availability of this this feature provides the teacher and students a class atmosphere due to these students become more attentive and conscious towards teacher’s lessons.
  • Chat facility: –While having audio-video conference one can clear his/her doubts, ask questions as one does in class by using live chat. Even the teachers can take feedback of their teaching through this chatting feature. They can share their reactions by sending emoticons.
  • Web based learning: –This is also called online or e-learning because it includes online course content. Most of the work is done online so one can accesses it anytime through internet facility.
  • Screen-sharing facility: –To give it more like classroom atmosphere, a teacher can use the option of screen sharing. For example, by using this option a teacher can elaborate his/her mathematical equations or scientific formulas by using live board and notes (PDF and Handwritten notes).

Unfavorable impact of e-apps on learning

Everything has its pros and cons, nothing is perfect. Similarly, e-apps also have some drawbacks which are following: –

  • Network issues: –Learning online is a good idea but sometimes it becomes difficult for students to continue with the teachers as they suffer from unavailability of proper network connection. Due to this drawback of online education many students from remote area can’t get proper lessons whatever the teachers teach and they lag behind of the syllabus. So, this affects on their class performance.
  • Lack of self-discipline/attentiveness: – Even a horse cannot learn running if there is no fear of trainer. We can apply this saying in online learning. Physical presence of a teacher makes the students conscious and disciplined towards their studies in the class. Visual presence of the teacher on the video lecture fails to create that aura of classroom teaching and learning. So somewhere this creates in attentiveness and lack of self-discipline in the students.
  • Possibilities of cheating in tests/exams: – Online examinations can’t be as same as the physical examinations. While conducting an online exam a student can minimize the exams screen and for answers to google or any other site. Even he/she can copy from some handwritten notes.
  • No actual growth/development: –Nothing can compete with physical classes because in online teaching students and teachers can’t give their 100% as they give to each other in actual classes. So, students become more lethargic, careless, less responsible, inattentive towards their studies. They just pass air after air but aren’t growing mentally as well as individually. This is also faced by teachers for them. This online teaching process is very monotous.

To conclude, it can be said e-applications both have merits and demerits as everything on this world does have. Creators of such e-apps should work on making these apps more interesting, authentic, transparent, secure, and user friendly.

Manndeep kaur
MLS department
Asst Prof

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