Dr. Sunil Kumar Arora

You are most welcome to Trinity Institute of Management & Technology ( TIMT ). This is a college with a difference and you are trained here to make a difference in the world you are going to face. “There are moments in history when a new direction has to be given to an age old process that moment is today “(National Policy On education 1986)

That moment has come again in this 21st century This century witnesses a networked society where knowledge economy is prevalent. 

Hence education can no longer be a captive to the curriculum. Trinity Institute of Management & Technology encourages its learners to transcend what is prescribed in the syllabus and explore new vistas of learning. “Education is essentially about capacity building and it widens the choice of people and empowers the nation” (Amartya Sen). 

 The Radiant Stars, The lanterns and learning journal, Twinkling English Champs, Go Global with English etc. are some of the capacity building activities initiated at Trinity. We hope these will give a competitive edge to our students and in turn empower the nation on its march towards global power. 

The College motto ‘Towards higher realms of life’ beckons you to excel in life. The ever widening horizon of life is a challenge for you. Meet it. May you have an enriching experience at Trinity Institute of Management & Technology (TIMT).


    Dr. Sunil Kumar Arora