Role of Social Media in Business

Social media has become the integral part of everybody life. No one can assume to live in isolation which means everybody is somehow connected with each other. The invention of smart phone and various other electronic gazette has changed the scenario of market. The print media now has replaced by the electronic media. The bulk of information can be assessed instantly sitting before computer and clicking the mouse surfing online at www. The amount of information you can collect in a year could not be collected by the man of earlier century in his entire life.
The invention of new apps has also brought up a new revolution in the history of mankind. The development of YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, tikok etc. has changed the thinking of the seller and they are adoption these social media apps to boost up their sales and to capture the consumer globally. Ignorance of these social apps means ignoring the potential customer and thereby losing the major market share in the market. Soon the companies started to understand the importance of these applications and started investing their time and money in these apps to capture the maximum market share.
Some Popular Social Media Aps

⦁ One can easily capture the large amount of audience at a very less cost. According to a recent survey by the  ⦁ Pew Research ⦁ Center, the percentages of U.S. adults that use social media sites online or on mobile:
⦁ YouTube: 73%
⦁ Facebook: 68%
⦁ Instagram: 35%
⦁ Pinterest: 29%
⦁ Snapchat: 27%
⦁ LinkedIn: 25%
⦁ Twitter: 24%
U.S. adults use many of these sites, which creates great opportunities for your business to reach leads. You have numerous opportunities to reach leads and can engage them on these different platforms.

  1. The seller can enjoy a direct connection with his audience by the adoption these apps.
  2. Creating and Posting of organic content at a very less cost saves huge amount of time and resources.
  3. You have access to paid advertising services
  4. Seller can build his brand image in the mind of the potential customers by continuously advertising in these apps at a very less cost.
  5. The bulk of traffic can be generated with the help of these apps and media, through making attractive ads etc.
  6. Prompt feed back from the groups can spontaneously report you to evaluate your product, services etc.
  7. There is not cost to join the social media apps which means anyone can initiate its business and publicity free of cost
  8. You can create viral content
  9. The companies can retain themselves in the mind of the customer through regular post.
  10. the companies can enhance the sales level through cleverly using the social medias apps.

Some Obstacles

⦁ The information needs to be reached well in time and if not reached well in time it loose its importance. Often sometime the companies post the message very late which lost its importance and has no use to the public. So time factor is very important which is the biggest challenge to cope with by the companies.
⦁ The next thing which is very important for the companies is to locate the quality of the followers for whom that post is meant for. If the information reaches to the wrong group of customer, then it has no meaning at all.
⦁ The next challenge is to opt the type of social media for your product, if you select the wrong type of media for your product, it is not useful for the companies.
⦁ Bringing people, be it prospective or existing customers, to follow the brand on social media is merely the tip of the iceberg. Hence due attention is very important to be successful in online marketing
⦁ Every post should have the professional touch and eye caching feeling and if that post is not made by the professional it will server your purpose.
⦁ The content which you post is again the most important element which the public is looking for, once the customer has the feeling that the companies post the valuable content, its TRP accelerates.
⦁ The post should be compatible to measure its own effectiveness among the audience.
⦁ The confidence level of the customer is again very important which can be achieved by posting the true information to the public.
⦁ Content marketers have come far from being unable to talk like regular people. In the social media world, they can engage and grow their audience with real conversations.
⦁ Social media marketers shouldn’t get carried away with the casual nature of conversations.
⦁ Some time the post and ads are misdirected from the core values of the business to unnecessary talk which lose its importance and attractiveness.
⦁ The social media demands to spend maximum time to study the competitor post and your own post design keeping in mind the competitor strategies.
⦁ The social media require the technically equipped employees who can easily handle these apps effectively and can design them timely rather some time needs to do the prompt reply to the customers.

After discussing the pros and cons of the social media, we come to a conclusion that undoubtedly there are so many challenges to the social media but we cannot ignore the fruitful benefits of deploying the social media. The companies need to take due care while deploying social apps in the business promotional campaign to face the cut throat completion in the market.
There is dire need to take the services of the technically sound people who know very well the importance and the side effects of social apps. Finally we can conclude that to get the maximum advantages of the social apps need proper drafting of strategy to cope with the challenges.

Dr. Sunil Kumar

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