Core Values for TIMT

Core Values for TIMT

A separate board of studies has been constituted to supervise the execution of various courses.

The Institute is going in for various certifications & accreditation’s as and when required in order to attain & maintain academic standards of the highest order.


The campus has wireless hotspots in order to provide excellent connectivity to the students & the staff.


Academic & soft skill training’s for the faculty are regular part of the academic year. These training’s are regular features at TIMT.


Foreign languages are added to the curriculum in order to give the students that competitive edge.


In addition to regular & reference books, TIMT has an e-library for the benefit of the students.


TIMT organised regular seminars, webinars & talks by industry experts to make the students industry ready.


TIMT has a center for innovation to provide an output to the creative urge of the students.


TIMT has collaborative programmed & courses with various reputed universities of the world.


Summer courses are also being offered at various universities abroad.