Nutritional Requirements in Summer Season

In the summer season each and every person make sure that he or she include foods in daily diet that which are light and easy digest on stomach. Those foods and drinks must be taken by all which are helpful to protect against dehydration and maintain levels of energy. The person must making a diet plan according to the season which helps to maintains balanced and healthy diet which is very important to our body requirements. The consumption of healthy and balanced diet is very much important for life according to the seasonal changes like summer, winter and rainy season.

In the summer months we have to prefer such a diet which is light and easily absorbable in stomach. For this we have to take liquids beverages to prevent from dehydration like juices, coconut water and lemon water. Curd, yogurt, buttermilk, salad, fruits are very useful for nutritional sufficiency to meet body requirements. These nutrients provide intensity and optimal energy throughout the day in summers.

Water and summer:

In summer season, water plays a very significant role to regulate body temperature, osmotic pressure of body cells and to carry out metabolism activities in addition to keeping the body hydrated. If we consume less water our body will face scarcity of essential electrolytes for example potassium, calcium and magnesium that play a vital role to perform body functions.

Importance of intake of water in summers:

It is very important to intake sufficient amount of liquid diet in order to compensate a loss of water from body due to excessive sweating, internal activities e.g. renal filtration process, digestion process and hormonal process. It is recommended to take fruits, vegetables, juices, etc. to ensure all the essential nutrients from foods.

The List of Summer Foods:

  1. Curd and Butter milk: In curd there is a beneficial bacterium which helps to make digestion properly. It provides cooling sensation and essential electrolytes.
  2. Fruits: Watermelon, papaya, lemon, plumps, berries and mangoes must be taken in nutrition to meet with balanced diet.
  3. Juices: Fresh juices of seasonal fruits are best instead of preserve juices.
  4. Lemon Water: whichmakes the body hydrated and detox it.
  5. Vegetables: Green vegetables, Cucumber, tomatoes, vinegar onion, Cauliflower etc which provide fibers and vitamins to the body.

The following factors that determine the water intake during summers:

1. Environment:  Environmental factors plays very important role in consuming water, if the weather conditions is hot and humid, by this the body sweat more. This means that body needs higher levels of water. To recover this we have to intake more fluids or water in our daily diet.

2. Activity Levels: If the person doing some forceful activity like exercise, labour work that makes sweat more, for this human body needs to consume additional water to replace the fluids that you lose.

3. Overall Health: If the person suffering from fever or are any illness, you may lose water from body. This can dehydrate you further due to the heat. To overcome this body must be rehydrated.

4. Pregnancy or Breastfeeding: Pregnant or breast feeder, also need to take extra fluids to keep the body hydrated.

Amandeep Heer
Assistant Professor (MLS)   

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